9 FREE Tools No Guitar Player Should Be Without

/9 FREE Tools No Guitar Player Should Be Without
top tools for guitar players

Here are 9 FREE tools that every guitar player should be aware of.

1. Best Online Guitar Tuner

This handy app uses HTML5 not Flash. Just plug in a mic to your computer and tune your guitar. We tried out over 20 different online tuners and this one is by far the most accurate.


2. Best Online Metronome for Guitar Players

This HTML5 metronome is great because it’s simple and lets you switch out clicks for real drum beats.

It also lets you tap on your keyboard to set the tempo. Awesome!


3. Best Guitar Chords Website

Want to know the shape of a chord name? Want to know the name of a chord shape? Want to understand the theory behind a certain chord?

This tool answers all of that and much much more! Hands down the most comprehensive and interactive guitar chord tool on the internet.


4. Best Guitar Scales Website

Get interactive diagrams for the most common scales in all keys. Hear what they sound like and learn the various positions around the fretboard. Very easy to use and works on all browsers.


5. Best Guitar Backing Tracks Websites

Ok we’re cheating on this one! Here are 2 killer backing track sites. Great for jamming or working on exercises.


6. Easy Guitar Tab Writer

This won’t replace something like GuitarPro or Finale. But for a quick tool to tab out riffs or licks… this thing is awesome! Try it out and see.


7. Interactive Circle of Fifths

Use this interactive diagram to easily transpose songs or to give you inspiration for your next song. Also has an in-depth guide to understanding the circle of 5ths.


8. Tap BPM

Ever wanted to know the tempo of a song you are listening to? Now you can tap the tempo into this super-simple app and it will tell you!


9. Fret Map

Learning the notes of the fretboard? Use this to single out notes and see where they are all over the neck.


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