Learning Guitar: Guitar Player Personalities

/Learning Guitar: Guitar Player Personalities
Guitar Personalities

In general, guitar players fall into 4 main personality categories. It’s important to recognize your dominant guitar personality as soon as possible. The best guitar teachers understand this, and now you will too!

Here are the 4 major guitar player personalities:

The Flashy Shredder

The Flashy Shredder
You have a strong drive to show off. Your idols are technical and fast players. You are dedicated to practicing as much as it takes to perfect your technique.

The Studious Musician

Studious Musician
Not motivated by flashy playing, you study theory and practice technique regularly. You love technical practice and playing for the sake of playing.

The Campfire Player

You view the guitar as a vehicle for social interaction. The guitar for you is a way to interact with friends and family and bring people together rather than center attention on yourself.

The “Feel” Player

You place vibe and feel as the top priority over all other aspects of playing. You believe theory may get in the way of the “magic” of playing.

Why does this matter?

Learning guitar is a journey. Understanding your player personality is critical to your long-term success.


Because when you understand yourself, you can focus on your individual desires and ambitions.

This helps you to manage your own expectations as you start your journey and run into the inevitable pitfalls that we all face.

It helps to understand the why…

why you feel the way you do about your playing?

why do you gravitate towards certain guitar players and teachers?

why do you feel a certain way when you practice (or don’t practice)?

This is the beginning of understanding something that is very important:

Your Strengths and Weaknesses.

We’ll get into that more a little bit later. For now, answer the question:

Which type of guitar player are you?

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