6 Simple Rules for Learning Guitar in Record…

7 simple rules for learning guitar

You are either born with musical talent, or you aren’t. That’s the common belief. It’s wrong, here’s why…

Switching Guitar Chords: The Only Guide You Need

Switching Guitar Chords The Only Guide You Need

So you’ve learned some guitar chords. And you’ve started to strum them. The next big step is to switch between chords. Here’s how…

Barre Chords: The Only Guide You Need

Barre chords only guide you need

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was learning “Hotel California” by The Eagles. I had been playing guitar for a few months. And I was tired of playing “easy” songs. I learned all the major open chords: C, A, G, E, D as well as all the minor versions. Heck I even learned […]

Strumming Guitar: The Only Guide You Need

Strumming Guitar The Only Guide You Need

I confess. I wasn’t always good at strumming. In fact, when I first started, I sounded terrible. I was about as coordinated as a bag of cats. My elbow was locked, my shoulder tense, and I was anything but consistent. Plus I would hit the wrong strings. Not good. It’s been said that you can […]

5 Practicing Tips and Tricks That Every Guitar…

5 Guitar Practicing Tips and Tricks That Every Guitar Player Should Know

There is so much bad info about practicing guitar online. And worse, no one ever seems to explain how to practice guitar on a daily basis. What you are about to read is how to consistently learn guitar and always improve.

Learn How to Play Guitar in 7 Steps…

Learn How to Play Guitar in 7 Steps

Becoming a competent guitar player isn’t as hard as it used to be. We’ve distilled the process down to 7 steps. Here they are…

How Long Does It Take To Learn Guitar?

How Long Does It Take To Learn Guitar

One of the most pressing questions for anyone starting to play guitar in 2018. Here’s our answer…

How I Turned a Guitar Store Nightmare into…

Guitar Store Nightmare!

I went to the guitar store to try out amps. What happened next would leave most guitar players shaken.

3 Pro Guitar Tips For Rapid Skill Building

3 tips for rapid guitar skill building

You’re putting in the time, practicing daily, and you still aren’t making actual progress. Problem is, you’re working hard, not smart. Here’s how to fix that…

How I Became A Better Guitar Player!

Start Playing Guitar

Remember when you started guitar? I remember my first few months. It seemed like I made massive progress almost daily. Nearly every time I picked it up, I was learning a new technique, chord, or riff. It was magical.