3 Best Online Guitar Lessons 2018

/3 Best Online Guitar Lessons 2018
best online guitar lessons

If you want the best learning experience, we recommend GuitarTricks (AG readers are eligible for a free trial). At $15/mo (annual plan), it’s the lowest price for online guitar lessons, but it’s by far the best experience you’re going to get for the money. The beginner course, extensive song lesson library, and customer support make GuitarTricks the hands down winner for 2018.

Of course, if you’re not a beginner or interested in learning specific songs, there’s nothing wrong with checking out the other services available. We’ve personally tested and reviewed every online guitar lessons service on this list, and all of them deliver great value depending on your needs.

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#1 GuitarTricks – Best Overall Value

GuitarTricks still king in 2018

At $15/mo (annual plan), GuitarTricks is for sure the best online guitar lessons for the money. It’s got 11,000 categorized guitar lessons, 700 song lessons, and is used by 1.9 million guitar players worldwide.

With the easiest to follow beginner course, newbies can learn the basics faster than ever. And if you’ve been playing for a while, there are plenty of intermediate to advanced lessons. And of course the extensive licensed song lesson library is a blast to learn with. You can’t go wrong with GuitarTricks. Grab a free trial and see what you’ve been missing!

#2 Truefire – Largest Variety

Truefire Online Guitar Lessons
Truefire offers a lot of content.

At $17/mo (annual plan), Truefire boasts a massive amount of content. You get 25,000 guitar lessons, 7,000 backing tracks, plus many more tools and even live guitar lessons.

While Truefire might be overkill for the complete beginner, intermediate guitar players will love the meaty lessons with crystal clear learning paths. If you are stuck in a rut or just not practicing like you want, Truefire has more than enough lessons to motivate you and get you on track to massive improvement.

(Note: Truefire has agreed to provide our readers with a free 30 day All Access trial.)

#3 Artistworks – Best 1-on-1

Artistworks Online Guitar Lessons
Artistworks is best for 1-on-1

At $24/mo (annual plan), ArtistWorks is the most expensive option for online guitar lessons. However, if you want a completely personalized online learning experience, they can’t be beat.

Choose from 9 different world-class guitar experts, each specializing in specific genre. Then follow their step-by-step curriculum. When a question arises, upload a video and the teacher will film a response just for you. While not for everyone, this can be a reassuring way to learn in the comfort of your home while still getting valuable feedback and personal guidance.

(Note: Click here to get free sample lessons from ArtistWorks.)

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