Guitar Practice Calendar

/Guitar Practice Calendar

You know how practicing guitar is the only way to get better? We just made a calendar to help you stick with it!

The Practice Calendar is super straight forward. You write down the things you want to practice in the left column and check them off as you complete them each day.

There are spots for weekly and monthly goals as well.

The first couple pages feature the practice goals brainstorm guide that will help you determine what to focus on.

Here are a few reasons we think you’ll love the Practice Calendar:

It’s a physical thing. No distractions or screens required. It acts as a visual reminder, propelling you towards better playing.

You get the satisfying feeling of checking something off as you go through the day.

Once you have a few checkmarks in a row, you won’t want to break your streak.

And most importantly, it helps you stay accountable to yourself. It’s one thing to dream about practicing more, but actually writing things down and tracking it makes you more committed to it.

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