Shocking Findings: Famous Guitarists Found To Be Cybernetic!

What do Stevie Ray Vaughn, Yngwie Malmsteen, and Eddie Van Halen have in common? They’re Cybernetic Guitarists! No not robots. Let me explain… You see, Cybernetics is actually a broad term that basically means creating feedback loops to iterate and improve something. The difference between great players and millions of wannabes is the good players […]

Truefire Guitar Lessons Review 2018 review

Truefire is the largest site for online guitar lessons. And they’ve been around the longest. With over 25,000 video lessons, they cover pretty much anything you can think of when it comes to playing guitar, emulating tones of the greats, jamming with other people and more. But is Truefire the best at online guitar lessons? […]

Learn Guitar Online in 2018

Best online guitar lessons

Back in my day, there was no internet. No YouTube. No online guitar lessons. No tab sites. Nada. Learning songs consisted of moving the needle back on the record player… … over and over and over. And even after all that work, it was all still a guess. Now, new guitar players have it good. […]

The 4 Stages of the Guitar Player’s Journey

guitar journey

Guitar playing is a skill. Or at least we can all agree, skill is a major part of it. There are 4 distinct mental stages everyone goes through when learning any long-term skill. Those 4 stages are called the “Levels of Competency”. There are also 4 corresponding stages of motivation. Here are the descriptions of […]

Learning Guitar: Guitar Player Personalities

Guitar Personalities

In general, guitar players fall into 4 main personality categories. It’s important to recognize your dominant guitar personality as soon as possible. The best guitar teachers understand this, and now you will too! Here are the 4 major guitar player personalities: The Flashy Shredder You have a strong drive to show off. Your idols are […]

21 Rock Songs Beginner Guitar Players Must Know!

5 Beginner Rock Songs

Beginner guitar player and not having as much fun as you’d like? Many teachers insist on teaching theory and boring exercises. No wonder so many quit! Here are 21 ways to learn the basics… and have FUN!

5 Beginner Guitar Blues Songs You Must Know!

5 Beginner Blues Songs You Must Know!

By learning a handful of key blues songs, you effectively are learning 100’s more that share common form and keys. Here are 5 songs that will help you learn beginner blues guitar.

9 FREE Tools No Guitar Player Should Be…

top tools for guitar players

There are certain tools that really make your life as a guitar player much easier. And having access to them online is really convenient. Here’s our list of the top 9 best tools for guitar players.

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